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Afghan Police officer hands out radios keyed to RADIO GURESHK

Wikileaks: the Afghanistan radio cables

With all the commotion over the Wikileaks files, I figured I’d search them for tidbits about radio related activities around Afghanistan, of which we’ve taken an interest at Radio Survivor. Turns out there are plenty. Here are a few. I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on any of this intel. Just posting what […]

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I love Onion Radio News

Whenever I’m feeling down, I do one of three things to get out of my slump: exercise, talk with friends, or listen to the Onion Radio News. “An airport security pig finds concealed truffles!” announces ORN’s ace reporter, Doyle Redland. “Airport Swine Unit Specialist Kevin Hannah couldn’t be prouder of his partner, Mr. Snout,” the […]

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