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Broadcast the Radio Survivor show on your radio station

Radio Survivor is available for free to any non-commercial broadcast or internet station.

(Current affiliates may access the password-protected download site here).

Since 2015 the Radio Survivor show and podcast has been “the sound of strong communities,” a weekly hour-long show that explores community media, from community and college radio to podcasting and public access TV, from independent internet radio to on-demand streaming shows. Help your listeners understand the value of community-centric non-commercial radio by exposing them to stories of great community media and introducing them to the talented and visionary people making it happen.

Radio Survivor is hosted and produced by the team behind, which has been publishing news and information about community media since 2009.

The Details

  • Qualified stations can download a broadcast-quality high bitrate MP3 file of the show every Tuesday, at no charge. You’ll access these files through a private password-protected website just for affiliates. (This page is password-protected in order to control bandwidth use and cost.)
  • We guarantee that the show will be FCC-friendly, free of commercials and indecency, and compliant with underwriting rules.
  • We reserve the right to include FCC-compliant underwriting messages for supporters of the show.
  • The show must be aired complete and unedited. Contact us if you would like to make edits or air individual segments, and we’ll provide permission on a case-by-case basis.
  • We’re happy to help you promote the show or your station by creating custom promos or pledge drive pitches, just ask.
  • We ask that you let us know when you air the show, and we’ll give your station a shout-out every now and then.
  • Please note: the podcast version of the show may vary from the broadcast version — it may be longer or shorter than 1 hour, and may contain content that does not comply with FCC rules. Only the broadcast files are guaranteed to be fully broadcast-compliant.
  • See all our current affiliates.

Sign Up to broadcast “Radio Survivor” and access broadcast-quality files every week:

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