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mtvU Woodie Awards

mtvU's College Radio "Woodie" Award Voting Has Begun

Whenever a list is produced of the BEST of anything there will be nay-sayers; whether the list comes from “experts” or is the result of popular vote. For that reason, I’m suspicious of every list that I’ve seen of the most popular/best college radio stations. Now with the latest contest underway, mtvU’s (MTV’s college-oriented network) […]

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Complete FCC indecency/obscenity stats since 2002 now posted on

Lovers of the truly bizarre process by which the Federal Communications Commission receives indecency complaints from the public will enjoy our comprehensive table of all indecency, obscenity, and profanity complaints logged by the agency since 2002. Here’s a sample of the last line of the chart: 2008 Jan. Feb. Mar. “Indecency/Obscenity 578 505 179,997 “General […]

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The "free agent" entrance to the NAB Radio Show.

Unemployed Radio Broadcasters: the NAB Still Loves You (for $179).

Tough times necessitate creativity, not to mention a little bit of compassion. Not to be left behind the National Association of Broadcasters serves up both by offering what it’s euphemistically calling a “free agent rate” [scroll down to the bottom] which gives discounted registration of only $179 to its upcoming Radio Show convention. Radio magazine […]

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Pandora for Android

Pandora announces Pandora for Android

You can get it on the iPhone, you can get it on your Blackberry. Now you can get Pandora on Android. “I know this has been a really long time coming and I’d like to thank all of you for your patience. Hope you enjoy the app,” declared Pandora “tech and product guy” Tom Conrad […]

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iPod Nano, now with radio!

Apple's cutting edge tech? Radio!

Today’s highly anticipated 9/9/09 Apple product announcement brought the return of the Messiah (Steve Jobs) but not the band bigger than Jesus. Alas, the much hoped-for debut of the Beatles in the iTunes music store did not arrive, despite Yoko telling Sky News to the contrary. The really big news today is a second coming […]

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My favorite Re-meet the Beatles channel is dedicated to covers.

Re-meeting the Beatles on the Internet

If you are a cultural curmudgeon like me, you’ll doubtless respond to any mention of “Beatlemania” with the sign of the cross. But seconds after I went over to Accu Radio’s Re-meet the Beatles streaming radio page, I was won over by what I heard. “A lot of this music will be brand new for […]

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AM on FM Begins Oct. 1

AM on FM Begins Oct. 1

After rendering the AM dial a garbled mess after sunset by cramming in too many stations along with space-hogging HD signals, in 2007 the commercial radio industry came a-calling to the FCC with it’s hand out. It’s request? To let AM radio stations have repeater stations–called translators–on the FM dial. While sitting on the NAB’s […]

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Radio receiver pioneer Lee De Forest spent years trying to develop a device that would block radio commercials, but to no avail.

FCC lets radio off the hook in content filtering inquiry

The Federal Communications Commissions report on the state of content filtering and blocking devices is out. It says a whole lot about the V-Chip, satellite/cable blocking systems, video games, youtube, and mobile phone apps, but not much about radio. The survey continues: “Most commenters addressing the issue contend that we should not examine audio-only programming […]

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