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The art of the classical radio deejay website

Say you’ve got a classical music radio show on some college or public radio station. Like a lot of classical radio deejays, you may be the sole representative of this genre on your signal. Everybody else does a pop genre, or jazz or folk or something along those lines. Under these circumstances, it makes sense […]

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Radio Continues To Grow in 2014

The United States added 48 more full-power broadcast radio stations in the first quarter of 2014. That’s according to the FCC’s quarterly totals, released this week. Here’s that breakdown: AM Stations 4726 FM Commercial Stations 6624 FM Non-commercial Stations 4057 TOTAL 15,406 Low-power FM stations are down slightly in the quarter. Read this week’s LPFM […]

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Notes on the Boombox/Walkman war of the early 1980s

I’ve been rummaging through old articles about the emergence of the Walkman in the 1980s, and one thing stands out: some people thought it was a social cure for the Boombox. Here’s an excerpt from an old column by George Will, responding to the charge that the Walkman isolated people from each other. ‘Some sociologists […]

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India maxes out on radio as election approaches

If you are a politics junkie, India is the country for you. Right now 814.5 million Indian voters are qualified to cast ballots in the impending elections for India’s 543 member lower house and the country’s president. They can choose from 50 regional parties and two national parties. Ten million polling officials and security people […]

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Rhapsody on Chromecast

More Music on Chromecast with the Addition of Rhapsody

Rhapsody is the often overlooked veteran of streaming music world. While frequently overshadowed by the likes of Spotify, the service reminds us that it’s still here after more than a decade, announcing on Friday that it now supports Chromecast via its Android app. iOS support will happen later this month, the company says. So, make […]

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#LPFM Watch

LPFM Watch: Low-Power Radio Workshop at NFCB & More LPFM News

The assignment of LPFM construction permits creeps forward, with the total now at 1137 new stations approved. It still seems like the FCC is not yet dealing with frequencies where there are multiple applicants, known as MX groups (for mutually exclusive). However, applicants that filed amendments in order to no longer compete with others are […]

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Amazon’s New Fire TV Looks Like a Nice Internet Radio

Today Amazon announced its own set-top streaming box, the Fire TV, to compete with the likes of Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. It’s more like the two former devices and less like Chromecast because it’s not completely device-dependent and can be operated with its own remote using an on-screen menu. However, it does offer mirroring […]

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Podcasting's 10th birthday

Podcast Survivor: Podcasting’s 10th Birthday & More News

Happy belated birthday to podcasting! According to a recent Guardian article written by the creators of UK podcast Answer Me This! the very term “podcast” was born on February 11, 2004, in a piece by journalist Ben Hammersley. That makes podcasting, as a thing, a little more than 10 years and 1 month old. In […]

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