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Podcasting's 10th birthday

Podcast Survivor: Podcasting’s 10th Birthday & More News

Happy belated birthday to podcasting! According to a recent Guardian article written by the creators of UK podcast Answer Me This! the very term “podcast” was born on February 11, 2004, in a piece by journalist Ben Hammersley. That makes podcasting, as a thing, a little more than 10 years and 1 month old. In […]

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Rdio Adds On-Demand Music to Chromecast’s Internet Radio Line-up

I’ve already told you about how my Chromecast is an internet radio. Now there is one more listening option with Rdio, which just added Chromecast playback this week. Rdio, founded by Skype co-creator Janus Friis, offers on-demand music listening a la Spotify, along with artist stations and playlists. The service was subscription-only until striking a […]

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East and West Midlands, UK: community radio signals available

The United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator, Ofcom, just put out an invitation to apply for community radio licenses in West and East Midlands. These are official regions situated (as you might guess) right in the middle of England. What caught my eye, however, is this codicil in the announcement; “Applicants should note that there are currently […]

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Congressman (and future talk radio host) Mike Rogers: the FCC files

House Intelligence Chair Mike Rogers (R-MI) is leaving Congress and taking a job as a national radio host with Cumulus media. Rogers has established himself as late as a defender of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program. Just for kicks I rummaged around the Federal Communications Commission’s databases to see what he’d sent them of […]

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KTVU at Pacifica Offices

Ousted Executive Director Summer Reese Occupies Pacifica Offices

Summer Reese, along with her mother and supporters, has been occupying the Pacifica Foundation’s offices in Berkeley, CA for almost ten days. Recall that Reese was abruptly fired from her position as Executive Director by the Pacifica National Board two weeks ago, without any public statements justifying the action. She and many others contest the […]

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Peter Watts' music tweet chart.

SoundCloud: the Twitter monster

Judging by this table of music application inspired tweets compiled by founder Peter Watts, SoundCloud users are the hugest tweeters these days. Here are the top ten tweet generators: SoundCloud: 42,604,555 10,914,820 8,039,354 Spotify: 4,862,187 Pandora: 3,715,642 Bandcamp: 3,488,443 Myspace: 3,410,535 Shazam: 3,079,587 soundtracking: 2,679,342 2,459,766 Watts’ application checked the Twitter […]

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Podcast Survivor

Podcast Survivor: The Week in Podcasting News and Stories

It’s been kind of a quiet week on the podcasting news front this week. Adam Carolla continues to make the rounds in support of his Save Podcasts Legal Defense Fund and has set up a Soundcloud page with clips from shows discussing the patent troll case. The fund’s benefit event added comedian and podcaster Doug […]

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Spotify logo

Spotify premium student discount: loss leader challenge to the young?

“The Student Discount is here,” Spotify announced today. “Spotify Premium is now 50% off for students.” This is for college students, I presume (I sneaked a peek at the discount form; it definitely asks users for their “college”). So qualified college attendees get ad free Spotify for $4.99 instead of $9.99. The discount comes as Pandora […]

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UK ponders 12 year terms for “re-advertised” analog radio stations

The United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator Ofcom is considering letting “re-advertised” analog radio station licenses extend for twelve years, the maximum possible license length. The current policy is to set licenses approaching their expiration date at seven, but “market and regulatory developments” since 2010 suggest a reconsideration, a Ofcom consultation concludes: ” . . . we […]

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Beyond the wild west: government and the future of music radio shut down its last component earlier this year: Turntable Live—a concert version of now gone founder Billy Chasen reflected on the end of the Turntable project in a blog entry posted on Wednesday: “Ultimately, I didn’t heed the lessons of so many failed music startups. It’s an incredibly expensive venture to pursue […]

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