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The Gas Pipe Networks back cover

The Gas Pipe Networks is eighty

I own a lot of books about the history of radio. Unique among them is Louis M. Bloch Jr.’s charming and strange volume titled The Gas Pipe Networks: A History of College Radio, 1936-1946. Every now and then I open its pages and am transported to a distant world of struggling collegiate stations. The tome chronicles lads and […]

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LPFM Watch

LPFM Watch: AM Revitalization and LPFM, Firefighter DJs, and more news

As we reported earlier this week, the FCC just released its report and order about the revitalization of AM and its recommendations have implications for low power FM (LPFM) radio stations. One of the policy changes involves expanding the reach of AM stations through FM translators. This would lead to the opening up of an […]

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Support Radio Survivor on Patreon

Please Support Radio Survivor with Patreon

Today we at Radio Survivor launch our first fundraising campaign so that we can sustain and build up our coverage of radio that matters. After publishing more than 4,500 posts over the course of nearly six years we’re turning to readers like you to help keep Radio Survivor going. We’re using the crowd-funding platform Patreon, […]

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Music Freedom... For Some

T-Mobile “Music Freedom” Is Actually an Internet Fast-Lane

Here at Radio Survivor we’ve discussed how an internet fast lane might negatively affect internet radio, especially mobile internet radio. But we weren’t expecting it to actually happen so quickly. What I’m talking about is T-Mobile’s announcement on Wednesday that the company will allow customers to stream music to their smartphones without it impacting their […]

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#LPFM News

LPFM News: New College LPFMs Find Interference on Campus

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it was another slow week in LPFM news, with just 6 low-power FM construction permits granted. As Jennifer reported last week, the MX groups of applicants competing for frequencies will start being processed soon, beginning with 260 applicants in states west of the Mississippi River, excluding […]

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