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FM in Norway Isn’t Dead, Says Norwegian Local Radio Association

Reports of FM’s death in Norway are premature. That’s according to the Norwegian Local Radio Association (NLF – Norse Lokalradio Forbund in Norwegian) which sent us a press release saying that 200 local commercial and community radio stations outside the country’s four largest cities will continue broadcasting in analog. Waves were made in the international […]

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Digital Watch: Congressional & Legal Challenges to Open Internet Order Begin

It’s not like we didn’t see it coming. The FCC is taking flak from Congress about its Open Internet rules passed last month, and this week the first wave of lawsuits has been filed. The United States Telecom Association is the biggest plaintiff, representing the nation’s largest broadband providers. The other suit was filed by […]

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DC Update: Innovation Act passes House, Republicans announce Comm Act update

This was a particularly active week in Washington with regard to legislation that affects radio and our overall communications technology landscape. Here’s what happened. Innovation Act Passes the House The Innovation Act passed the House on Thursday by a vote of 325 to 91 with broad bipartisan support. The bill is intended to fix some […]

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Sandra Fluke continues to speak out while syndicator suspends national ads on Limbaugh show

Sandra Fluke continues to speak out while syndicator suspends national ads on Limbaugh show

More than a week after Rush Limbaugh proffered a weak apology for his repeated misogynistic comments on-air about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, his show is left with virtually no national advertisers, but he remains mostly unrepentant. On Monday word broke that Limbaugh’s syndicator, Clear Channel-owned Premiere Radio Networks, is suspending all national advertising on […]

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Conservative talk host Michael Berry offers to pay for hit-and-run damages

Conservative talk host Michael Berry offers to pay for hit-and-run damages

Last week I reported on conservative Houston talk radio host Michael Berry who was accused of committing a hit-and-run damaging a bouncer’s car while leaving a local gay bar. While he has not admitted any guilt in the matter, on Thursday Berry offered $2000 to the aggrieved bouncer, Tuderia Bennett, in order to cover damages. […]

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War over birth control coverage hits Boston radio

Republican Senator Scott Brown and his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren have released dueling radio statements over the Blunt Amendment, which would give the green light to heath insurance providers to nix birth control coverage for “religious beliefs or moral convictions.” The bill is introduced by Senator Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, and co-sponsored by 37 […]

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Michael Savage: Ron Paul supporters are hysterical, dyed-in-wool liberals

Earlier this week we explored how left wing listener supported radio station KPFA in Berkeley is debating Republican libertarian candidate Ron Paul. Just to be bi-partisan, now let’s see how conservative talk radio guy Michael Savage is handling the Texas Congressional representative. Keep in mind that several months ago, Savage offered Newt Gingrich a million […]

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