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Podcast 80 - Radio + Resistance

Podcast #80 – Radio & Resistance in the Time of Trump

Radio stations hacked to play “F— Donald Trump” over and over. Concerns that Trump declaring himself a candidate for 2020 already might limit non-comms’ ability to criticize him. And with an Entercom / CBS Radio merger on the horizon, what does this all mean for community radio and podcasting? John Anderson, Assistant Professor of Television […]

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FCC Fail 600x300

The FCC’s Legacy on Media Ownership: Now with More Failure!

On August 10,  2016, the Federal Communications Commission released The Second Report and Order which concluded the agency’s long proceeding–launched in 2010 and renewed in 2014–dealing with media ownership rules. This order represents yet another failure–and lost opportunity–within the agency’s 13-year legacy of failure in addressing the problems of the consolidation and the sharply diminished […]

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Ultra-concentrated media - 600x300

Could the FCC’s Legacy of Failure Trigger Even More Consolidation?

Editor’s Note: Prof. Terry also guests on this week’s Radio Survivor Podcast, which is a companion to this post. The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals recently handed down a decision in a third round of the case Prometheus Radio Project v FCC. This decision, while reasonably straightforward, has the potential to be earth shattering to […]

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Ultra-concentrated media - 600x300

Can your local radio announcer pronounce your city’s name? Chris Terry on the Telecommunications Act of 1996

Once upon a time no company could own more than 20 AM and 20 FM stations nationwide. Then came the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which removed any national restrictions on radio station ownership. In a recent edition of our podcast, Paul Riismandel and Eric Klein sat down with Dr. Christopher Terry at the University of […]

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FCC Logo

A Legacy of Failure: FCC and Media Ownership Policy

Four years ago, on July 7, 2011, the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a second “remand” to the Federal Communications Commission’s attempt to weaken its media ownership rules. When a court remands an action by a government agency, it is telling the agency that the decision is somehow wrong, often procedurally wrong, and needs to be revised. The […]

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Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman

Clear Channel Says Radio Hosts are Vital, Too Bad It Fired Most of Them

“I think radio did a very poor job of marketing itself, and everybody started talking all about the shiny new things.” That’s Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman explaining why radio lost much of its public mindshare at Adweek’s Power of Personality event. Sure, that claim is plausible to someone who hasn’t been listening to radio […]

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