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We provide the most consistent and in-depth podcasting news here every Wednesday. Learn what’s important in the business of podcasting, the latest podcast trends and what the future holds for the medium.

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Digital Watch: Net Neutrality Is Here; Teens Prefer Streaming

Welcome to our new Wednesday feature, Digital Watch. Each week I’ll be tackling news and analysis about radio’s intersection with the digital world, online and off. This takes the place of Podcast Survivor, but it doesn’t mean podcasting coverage is going away. I’ll explain further at the end of this post. The week’s biggest news […]

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Podcast Survivor

Podcasting News: Podcast Listeners Listen More, Cons for Podcasters

Edison Research released some early results from its updated fall 2014 Share of Ear survey of American listening habits. The big news is that podcast listeners now listen to more podcasts than any other kind of audio, which represents a significant change just from the spring report. The average podcast listener spends six hours and […]

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Podcasting News: The Pub Podcast for Pub Media; Viral Audio Update

In this week’s podcasting news: Current debuts new podcast about public media; NPR Labs gives an update on viral audio experiments; are audiobooks benefiting from the podcast boom? Current Invites You to the Pub Current, the print and digital news source covering public media, just launched its own weekly podcast, The Pub. It’s hosted by […]

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2014 – The Year in Podcasting

When I wrote my first “year in podcasting” post some twelve months ago I didn’t anticipate that we would end 2014 with nearly every local, regional and national news source in the English-speaking world having written breathlessly about podcasting, as has been triggered by the breakout success of Serial. But, as Radio Survivor readers and […]

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Podcasting News: EFF To Challenge Patent Troll at Public Hearing

Today the podcast patent troll faces a hearing at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has patiently worked to chip away at the patent owned by Personal Audio LLC which the company claims covers the invention of podcasting in 1996, meaning all podcasters potentially would owe the company royalties. The EFF […]

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