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Preserving Audio That’s on Cassette

In my continuing quest to stay a step ahead of recording media degradation and obsolescence, I have undertaken the digitization of my remaining audiocassette collection. Last year I wrote about preserving my archive of interviews and air checks on minidisc, with the hope that the post would be informative and maybe compel some readers with […]

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Rough Notes

Can station managers fix the “self-imposed smallness” of college radio?

The usual excellent suspects associated with our Radio Survivor podcast produced an interesting debate program about the “self-imposed smallness” of college radio last week. Popular radio blogger Ken Mills served as the show’s guest critic. He’s a very smart articulate guy with a lot of experience in radio. “I come from a management background,” Mills […]

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Student recruits at Delhi Community Radio.

Notes on community radio and democracy in Delhi, India and Mkushi, Zambia

Some interesting items on community radio from two very different places. In Zambia supporters of the Patriotic Front (PF) electoral party “briefly interrupted operations” at the Mkushi Community Radio Station on Tuesday “in protest against [the] alleged political inclination of a Board Member of that Station.” That’s according to the Lusaka Times online newspaper. It’s […]

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Radio Raheem and the Gentle Giant

No justice for “Radio Raheem” of Staten Island

The New York Times editorial board is appalled by a Staten Island grand jury decision not to indict the police officer who chokeholded Eric Garner of Staten Island. Garner died shortly thereafter. We wrote about Garner when filmmaker Spike Lee produced a YouTube video comparing the man to his fictional character Radio Raheem from the […]

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