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Kchung Turntable

Podcast #74 – Radio Anarchy vs Order

Jennifer Waits brings us the voices of three programmers at a mysterious and chaotic community station with deep connections to the Los Angeles art scene. KCHUNG is an unlicensed part 15 AM radio station with about 40 station managers and extremely eclectic programming. Paul Riismandel wrote a series of articles, offering strongly worded advice for […]

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Public Access vs. Public Service – Addressing the Biggest Hidden Tension in Community Radio

One of the greatest tensions for community radio stations lies in the spectrum between public access and public service. Although this conflict may not be explicitly discussed, it implicitly affects every single programming decision. It’s time for this tension to be made explicit, and for stations to actively grapple with how to balance a focus […]

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Trapped in the Grid: Why Community Radio Risks Irrelevance

This is a transitional time for community radio, unprecedented in the medium’s more than 60-year history in the U.S. Thousands of new LPFM stations are going on the air bringing service to communities that never had community radio, or adding new services to supplement existing community stations. At the same time many community stations risk […]

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William Mandel at the San Francisco HUAC hearing

Turn the lights on! What we can learn from KPFA’s Bill Mandel

William Mandel has died. Mandel broadcast over KPFA’s airwaves for almost half a century, offering commentaries on the now-defunct Soviet Union. He wrote books about the USSR, among them Soviet Women and Soviet but not Russian: the Other Peoples of the Soviet Union. He spoke at just about any public event at which someone would let him appear. He died […]

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Podcast #72 – Pete Tridish Celebrates an LPFM Success Story

Pete Tridish works as a radio engineer, building low power and full power community radio stations. He initially did this work with Prometheus Radio Project and now with International Media Action. “Back when I was working with Prometheus Radio Project, which was a group that worked to expand the low power radio service and create […]

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KPFA Trump coverage poster

Did Donald Trump save Pacifica radio?

It is a blasphemous question, I know. But since I’ve already put it in the headline, I’ll also spell it out in this post’s opening paragraph. President Donald Trump: good news for Pacifica radio? My decisive answer is  . . . maybe. At this point, the Pacifica Foundation and its five radio stations can only go in […]

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La Jungala radio: yes we still exist

Over the weekend I posted some concerns about the future of La Jungala community radio, which until last month served a now dismantled refugee camp in Calais, France, known as “The Jungle.” I also emailed the operation to get an update on its status. Do you still exist? I asked. Today I receive a reply: […]

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photo: La Jungala

The “Jungle” of Calais, France is gone, but where is its radio station?

The New York Times reports that a huge refugee camp in Calais, France is “finally” gone. “The Jungle,” as its residents called the site, offered shelter to thousands of North African and Middle Eastern migrants. It was a great big ramshackle humanitarian crisis, and now authorities have cleared it out. Al Jazeera says that some of these […]

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