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Radio Survivor has the most comprehensive weekly coverage of college radio. Read our About College Radio page to learn the history and fundamentals of this unique class of radio.

Tim Westerngren; source: flickr

Pandora asks subscribers to support the Performance Rights Act

If you listen to Pandora internet radio, you probably got a message yesterday from the service’s founder Tim Westergren, asking subscribers to support the Performance Rights Act. That’s the proposed law that would require terrestrial radio stations to pay performance royalty fees to the artists whose music they broadcast. “The system as it stands today […]

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Colorado Dept. Transportation radio network with repeater stations

AM on FM

Back in the early days of FM, when AM radio ruled the roost and an FM radio was still a rare commodity, many station owners simply simulcast their AM station’s programming on their FM stations. In the 1960s the Federal Communications Commission put the kibosh on that scheme, ordering FM stations to air different programming. […]

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College Radio DJ Archetypes

Those who make pronouncements about radio are always saying that it’s a personality-driven medium. I’m not so sure that I agree with that when it comes to non-commercial radio (especially college radio stations that are focused more on the music than on the DJs); but there’s no doubt that listeners are often drawn to and […]

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WHRC Studio 1987

Is Twitter the New College Radio?

When I was a kid in the 1970s my parents would try to pry me away from the television, warning me that it was going to “rot my brain.” Yet, my dad also admitted to me that his parents made the same pronouncements to him about the dangers of listening to too much radio. Each […]

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