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Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality

Why Radio Survivor Supports the Day of Action for Net Neutrality

Today is the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality. Radio Survivor is a supporter because we understand clearly how the internet is a powerful medium to disseminate diverse and independent voices. As an independent online publication and podcast Radio Survivor fundamentally relies on a free, unfiltered internet to exist and communicate with fellow radio […]

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Digital Watch feature image

Digital Watch: AT&T Android Phones Get FM in 2016

On Tuesday AT&T, the nation’s second largest wireless carrier, announced that it is activating the FM radio chips on Android smartphones subscribed to its service. Beginning in 2016, subscribers buying new compatible phones will be able to use the free NextRadio app to listen to both terrestrial broadcasts and those stations’ internet streams. Sprint, the […]

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Digital Watch feature image

Digital Watch: 6 Seconds Puts Radio Search w/ Unlimited Song Skips on Your Mobile

The company behind RadioSearchEngine have ported some of its key features into a new mobile app, with a slightly different hook. Launched in 2013, RadioSearchEngine does what the name implies: it lets you search just about any streaming radio station for artists, songs or shows, and then plays it on demand. The free 6 Seconds […]

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Record Store Day Radio

Record Store Day Radio Launches in Time for Record Store Day 2015

Ever since the early days of Record Store Day (RSD for short), I’d wondered why there weren’t more collaborations between record stores and radio stations on a day heralding the importance of local, independent businesses and media. Over the years various radio stations did set up tables at record shops during Record Store Day and […]

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FCC Logo

FCC: we are watching sponsored data plans

The Federal Communications Commission has released specifics on its new net neutrality rules. There are lots of details to pore over. I gave the document a quick scan to see if it had anything to say about sponsored data plans—deals like T-Mobile’s “Music Freedom” plan in which ISP selected Internet radio services (Pandora, Spotify) don’t […]

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FCC Chairman Wheeler at CES 2015

Will new FCC net neutrality rules kill “sponsored data” plans?

It’s all buzzy buzzy out there about Federal Communications Commission Chair Tom Wheeler’s new proposed net neutrality rules, which rest on reclassifying broadband as a utility, thus worthy of Title II telecommunications regulation. Wheeler has a statement posted on Wired. Those who thought he would never do this are happily eating their hats. The telcos are […]

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Mad Genius Radio

Mad Genius Radio Debuts Personalized Ad-Free Subscription Radio

A new streaming music radio platform launched today, Mad Genius Radio. Entering into an increasingly crowded space, Mad Genius differentiates itself by customizing each station to the individual listener rather than relying on data correlated and aggregated across audiences to program music choices. Founder Eric Neumann is a radio industry veteran with more than twenty […]

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