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Podcast 103 - Argentina community radio

Podcast #103 – The Popular Community Radio Movement in Argentina

Anita Pouchard Serra traveled across Argentina helping to set up new community radio stations with the DTL! collective. A photojournalist, she also documented the building of these stations, that are officially unlicensed, but operate in the spirit of a communications law that passed, but never went into effect. Anita joins to tell us about this […]

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Podcast 99 - The Beginning of the end of AM in Brazil

Podcast #99: The Beginning Of The End For AM Radio In Brazil

Brazil is embarking on a grand experiment with the radio dial. AM stations have the opportunity to relocate to FM, and plans are afoot to expand the size of the FM dial. However, don’t be surprised that you haven’t heard about it. We hadn’t either until listener Álvaro Burns brought it to our attention. Álvaro […]

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Norway to Shutter Nat’l FM Broadcasts, 200 Local Stations to Remain

Norway will turn off national FM broadcasts on January 11. However, about 200 local FM stations will continue to broadcast for at least another five years, as we reported last year when the story first hit the international press. That crucial detail was missing from international coverage then, and it continues to be overlooked now. […]

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photo: La Jungala

The “Jungle” of Calais, France is gone, but where is its radio station?

The New York Times reports that a huge refugee camp in Calais, France is “finally” gone. “The Jungle,” as its residents called the site, offered shelter to thousands of North African and Middle Eastern migrants. It was a great big ramshackle humanitarian crisis, and now authorities have cleared it out. Al Jazeera says that some of these […]

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RTÉ Radio 1

Ireland’s Longwave Station RTÉ 252 Spared from Imminent Closure

Listeners located in the U.K. who enjoy Ireland’s RTÉ 252 radio service are breathing a sign of relief. The planned 2017 closure of this longwave station has now been put on indefinite hold, according to I first reported on RTÉ 252 two years ago, when news of its shutdown–originally set for January 2015–put longwave […]

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Radio host Khadija Ismayilova of Azerbaijan is free, sort of

When last we checked in on Azerbaijani radio host and investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, she was languishing in prison. Courts had convicted and sentenced her to 7-1/2 in the slammer for “running an illegal business, tax evasion, abuse of power and embezzlement.” Since then, Ismayilova has been freed and now lives under house arrest in Baku. On Thursday she spoke via […]

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India Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

India clears 115 community radio stations for operation

India’s broadcast regulator, which keeps close tabs on its community radio stations, has given permission to 115 of them to continue operating. They received notice of a list of  Grant of Permission Agreements (GOPAs) on August 29. These allow the mentioned organizations to continue running through their license period or up to December 31 or this year, whichever date […]

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