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Norway to Shutter Nat’l FM Broadcasts, 200 Local Stations to Remain

Norway will turn off national FM broadcasts on January 11. However, about 200 local FM stations will continue to broadcast for at least another five years, as we reported last year when the story first hit the international press. That crucial detail was missing from international coverage then, and it continues to be overlooked now. […]

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UK announces 1st winners for “small scale” digital radio trials

Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator, has handed out temporary licenses to ten applicants for the agency’s experiment with “small scale DAB.” These winners will receive licenses to a “digital multiplex” area—”discrete chunks of the airwaves,” to use Ofcom’s language, allowing them to stream a more affordable version of “digital audio broadcast” (DAB) technology. The […]

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Norway’s Digital Radio Transition Is an Outlier

See our most recent update to this story: FM in Norway Isn’t Dead, Says Norwegian Local Radio Association Last Thursday Norway’s Ministry of Culture announced the national transition from analog FM to digital DAB radio beginning on January 11, 2017. This move, akin to the digital television transition the US made in 2009, has been […]

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UK to community radio: sign up for a digital experiment

The United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator has announced trials to help smaller, community based radio stations access the UK’s digital audio broadcasting (DAB) system. According to Ofcom, nearly half of adults in the UK (48.9 percent) say they own a DAB radio set. But getting access to a DAB “digital multiplex” service area is expensive; most […]

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UK ponders 12 year terms for “re-advertised” analog radio stations

The United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator Ofcom is considering letting “re-advertised” analog radio station licenses extend for twelve years, the maximum possible license length. The current policy is to set licenses approaching their expiration date at seven, but “market and regulatory developments” since 2010 suggest a reconsideration, a Ofcom consultation concludes: ” . . . we […]

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The state of global DAB and DAB+ radio

Radio World and Radio.NL report that the government of the Netherlands is considering sunsetting that country’s FM band and transitioning to digital radio broadcasting. This would mean DAB+. The decision rests on the pace at which Dutch consumers adopt the standard via DAB+ receiver purchases. An economic minister says radio receiver buyers will trigger the […]

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