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Nearly 50k sign petition to protect Australian community radio

On Saturday July 2 Australia will hold national elections for all 226 members of its Parliament. Supporters of community radio across the country are taking advantage of this attention to demand the restoration of $1.4 million in cuts to the service. Almost 49,000 Australians have added their names to a #keepcommunityradio petition page. The petition reads in […]

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Bones at X-Ray. Photo: J. Waits

10 Weird Things Spotted by a Kid during Radio Station Tours

I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on my radio station tours as I prepare for my 100th tour report this week. During that process, I asked my daughter if she could list off for me some of the interesting and/or weird things that she’s seen when accompanying me on radio station tours. She’s […]

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Community Radio Pays Off with Collective Effort for the Greater Good

Editor’s Note: In last week’s edition of our free email newsletter, the Radio Survivor Bulletin, I asked readers to share what keeps them motivated and excited to create great radio, even when burnout begins creeping in. Rachel Duchak responded and directed me to this short essay she wrote for her website, Central Coast Foodie. It’s […]

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KUSP falls short of marathon goal, will continue programming through May 7

Beleaguered public/community radio station KUSP-FM of Santa Cruz, California has concluded its “Mayday” fund drive. Unfortunately the operation only raised around a third of the money it needs to keep going over the coming six months. Here’s the bottom line from KUSP’s latest blog post: “We cannot afford our regular broadcast and still tend to the financial obligations that are […]

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