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Podcast #177 – Philosophies of Podcast & Radio Editing; Seattle’s Rich High School Radio Scene

In addition to co-hosting the show, Eric Klein edits most episodes, and is a professional freelance audio editor. He put some of his philosophies of editing radio and podcasts in writing for last year’s Grassroots Radio Conference, and for a recent post at Radio Survivor. On this episode Eric elaborates on his advice to “know your values,” and “do no harm.”

Then Paul puts Jennifer on the spot on order to do a little market research for Radio Survivor, asking her why she doesn’t listen to more podcasts. Her answers will probably resonate with many radio lovers, who have so many great sounds competing for their attention.

Then Jennifer takes us on a short tour of three Seattle-area stations, where there’s a rich high school radio scene, including one with a dance music format, and one where every DJ designs their own show poster.

Radio Survivors supporters on Patreon can listen to a bonus “after dark” episode, where Jennifer, Eric and Paul dig deeper into why even radio nerds don’t listen to podcasts, and even more podcast nerdery. A contribution of just $1 a month gives you access to this bonus episode and more exclusive content.

Show Notes

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