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Podcast #118 – Making Sense of the FCC’s Effort to Kill Net Neutrality

The FCC is about to vote on rules that would reverse network neutrality protections that the Commission put in place just two years ago. The terms of this rollback were released right before Thanksgiving, and represent the FCC effectively abdicating its role in guaranteeing the free flow of information on the internet. Prof. Christoper Terry from the University of Minnesota helps us understand this proposal and put it in historical perspective. He explains that the DC Circuit Court of Appeals already found the 2015 Open Internet order to be constitutional, and that FCC Chairman Pai’s proposal to undo this order will have a tough time surviving an inevitable court challenge. And, although much of the focus is on bandwidth-intensive media like video, Prof. Terry also lays out why independent podcasting and internet radio may also be threatened when the FCC kills net neutrality.

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