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Broadcast the Radio Survivor Show on Your Station

We are very happy to announce that our weekly radio show and podcast is now available for broadcast to all non-commercial broadcast and internet radio stations. The show is available at no charge every week for all qualified stations, including college, community, public and LPFM stations as well as non-commercial internet-only stations.

You do need to sign up to get access to broadcast-ready files—click here to learn more or sign up.

Airing Radio Survivor is a great way to help educate your listeners about the wider world of community media and the issues and policies that affect it. It’s also a great way to build awareness of community radio and media, and why your listeners should support your station.

Big thanks go to in Portland, OR which became our first pilot affiliate earlier this year and helped us get into the rhythm of producing a broadcast-ready show every single week.

Each week’s episode is available Tuesday by 11:59 PM Pacific Time, and runs 58 minutes. The show is available as broadcast quality mono uncompressed WAV files and high bitrate MP3s that are compatible with most major automation and play-out systems. These files are only accessible through a password-protected affiliates’ page.

Please note that the broadcast version of Radio Survivor may differ from the podcast version, and that we guarantee that the broadcast version is fully FCC compliant. The podcast version may be longer or shorter than 1 hour, and may contain content that is not fully FCC compliant. That’s why we’re offering this special feed just for radio stations.

Click here to learn more, and to request access to our radio affiliates’ download page.


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