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Podcast 98 - Celebrating Small Podcasts

Podcast #98 – Celebrating ‘Small’ Podcasts

With so much of the online discussion in podcasting seeming to focus on growing audiences and getting big, we thought it necessary to explore and celebrate “small” podcasting, shows that don’t break onto the charts, but have dedicated audiences. If we celebrate small business and small craft breweries, why not celebrate small podcasts?

Eric talks with Richard Molina Weber and Kenna Conklin of the “Going Last” podcast, which covers table top gaming. The hosts explain why they produce the show, its relationship to the gaming community, and why they’re happy with having a “small” audience. Then Paul and Eric put this celebration in context, especially considering that the vast majority of podcasts will never make it onto the Apple Podcasts chart.

Coming next week: We talk with Álvaro Burns, a community broadcaster and podcaster from São Bernardo, Brazil, who will discuss that country’s plan to decommission the AM radio band, and move AM radio stations to the FM dial.

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