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Still time to sign up for DIY FM radio summer camp

If you’ve been telling yourself since forever that you want to learn the deets on building a low power FM broadcast system, here’s your chance. Free Radio Berkeley is running a four day DIY workshop on the subject, to be run out of Rodeo, California on September 1-4.
Free Radio Berkeley Radio Camp

“With an emphasis on direct, hands-on learning, you will learn how to solder, identify electronic components, assemble an FM broadcast transmitter from a kit of parts, build and tune an antenna, properly setup and test broadcast equipment and much more,” the “Seize the Airwaves” brochure we received explains. “Further, you will be given an overview of basic electronics and broadcast engineering.”

Anyone 16 or older can sign up for the camp. The workshop fee is sliding scale: $200-$300. At the end of the course you can buy a transmitter.

Tickets at Eventbrite.

More information on the FRB Facebook page.



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  1. Michi Bradley July 22, 2017 at 9:06 pm #

    This is NOT LPFM. This is CRIMINAL. Very disappointed to see that Radio Survivor is endorsing criminal activity and passing it off as “LPFM”.

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