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Podcast 95 - Mixcloud + Little Records

Podcast #95 – Mixcloud Can Be Community Radio, Too

After covering the comeback of the live streaming radio platform Live365 two episodes ago, listeners asked us to check out MixCloud, which offers free streaming of music radio shows, DJ sets, mixtapes and podcasts for anyone, including radio stations and independent producers. So this week we talk with Xanthe Fuller, Head of Community for Mixcloud. She explains the Mixcloud service, its community of creators and listeners, and how the company is able to offer its service for free.

Then we talk to a producer who uses Mixcloud, Doug Hoepker. His Little Records podcast focuses on music from the classic era of college radio in the 1980s and 1990s, all sourced from vinyl. The project started as a live streaming radio station, which he transitioned to ta podcast on Mixcloud. Doug tells us about Little Records and what motivated the transition from a live stream to an on-demand show.

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