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Meat Puppets LIVE!

flashback: The Meat Puppets, live at The Mason Jar in 1984 via KXCI-FM

In case you want to relive some of the glory days of The Meat Puppets, here’s one way. Check out this 1984 appearance by that hallowed punk band at The Mason Jar in Phoenix, Arizona, rebroadcast by Tucson community station KXCI-FM. The show is accessible via one of my favorite things in the whole universe, the Internet Archive.

Meat Puppets LIVE!

KXCI-FM notes for a Meat Puppets concert, circa 1984.

KXCI-FM aficionado John Bradford did the uploading and curating for this wonderful artifact. Bradford writes:


This material is taken from a cassette, presumably from the band, simply titled “Meat Puppets Live!” It was given to Community Radio KXCI (Tucson) “for airplay use.” Unfortunately, the cassette eventually suffered for numerous years in a (literal) pile of other cassettes in storage before being recovered. This is what it is – rough, as-is soundboard of live Meat Puppets just as “Meat Puppets II” was being released.

This represents almost all of Side A of the cassette which an edited show.



I’ve always enjoyed The Meat Puppets, who have integrated punk, The Talking Heads, and The Grateful Dead into one very original sound. I’ve been listening to their tune “The Embodiment of Evil” a bit of late, especially since early November. I can’t imagine why . . . .

Community radio flashbackThe Mason Jar served as a wonderful concert hall for Phoenix until it closed in 2005 (there’s a new rock bar in its place now: The Rebel Lounge).

I’m going to be posting more of this kind of stuff because I feel like being a community radio historian again. Here are more Internet Archive Mason Jar shows.

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