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Holiday scene at Disneyland. Radio holiday gifts guide. Photo: J. Waits

5 Funky Last Minute Gifts for Radio Fanatics

Although it’s been a few years since we’ve put together our Radio Survivor Holiday gift guides, listing off radio gifts that we love, I’m always thinking about these lists. Whenever I run across an intriguing radio gift idea, I make a mental note and sometimes I race out to pick something up for myself. In light of the holiday shopping season, here are a few unusual suggestions for the radio fan that has seemingly everything:

Toilet Paper Holder Radio

Many of us remember shower radios, which were so amazing for those of us who enjoy listening to the radio while bathing. Well, here’s another bathroom radio option: a radio that’s incorporated into a toilet paper roll holder. I’m particularly partial to the salmon pink version that is pictured on A Life Less Ordinary and here’s a demo of a bright yellow version of a Windsor AM radio. I’ve also seen some similar toilet paper holder radios that include FM radio and even a telephone. Get your toilet paper holder radio if you spot one, as I can’t find too many that are currently up for sale.

Haunted Radio

Thanks to the haunted radio, every day is Halloween in my house. Ostensibly a seasonal item, the plastic “radio” plays a number of spooky messages with the turn of a dial or though a motion sensor. I love the vintage radio look and the old-time sounds that emanate through its speaker.

Novelty Vintage Radio with Secret Hiding Space

You’ve probably seen faux books with hollow centers that can be used as secret hiding places, well, here’s a radio version of that. This working radio has a hidden compartment where you can store your valuables. Oddly enough, this version also comes with a mustache nail file and key chain.

Antique Radio Mouse Pad

For my entire life I’ve enjoyed the juxtaposition of modern technology with antiques and this mouusepad perfectly exemplifies that aesthetic, with its image of an antique radio.

Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Star Wars fan can wake up every morning to this Darth Vader Clock Radio that utters messages from the villainous character and plays both AM and FM radio.

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