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This post notes the continued existence of two interesting online community radio venues: in Montreal and The Lot Radio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It celebrates their persistence because, given recent events, I no longer take any local radio station for granted anymore. I know that some of you disagreed with my support of Triple A formatted KUSP-FM in Santa Cruz, but, speaking personally, I was devastated by its closure in August. In fact, until several days ago, I stopped listening to the radio after KUSP ceased to broadcast.

The Lot Radio, live!

The Lot Radio, live!

Happily, both and The Lot seem very much alive and kicking. Last time I checked, The Lot was quite literally

“An independent online radio station streaming live from a reclaimed shipping container on an empty lot in NYC. Expect a continuous stream of the best and most varied music New York City has to offer. In order to stay independent The Lot Radio is funded by the coffee kiosk that we will soon be opening at the station.”

I am not sure if the coffee kiosk thing ever happened, but judging from all the photos on the website it’s pretty obvious that the operation has evolved into a kind of open party station. Plus you can just hang out on the site’s online chat board and kick it while watching the deejays play stuff via online video.

Meanwhile up (from my geographic perspective) in Montreal, keeps keeping on. What I particularly love about (antennas, get it?) is that it has this whole command line thing on the web interface, so you can chat with everybody really quick and easy. A lot of really beautiful music from that station, with lots of shows keeping Soundcloud pages or similar such things. Plus Arbutus Records of Montreal has a show! website

The web interface.

Again, nothing can be taken for granted these days, radio-wise. In the United Kingdom, hallowed community station The Hub of Mid Cornwall is shutting down. So if you’ve got a local radio venue full of life and creativity, please subscribe, contribute, and volunteer.

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