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by Jennifer Waits

Podcast #68 – Report Back from the Grass Roots Radio Conference 2016

“Grass Roots Radio Conference has been a giant jump start in my learning process,” said Julia Rose of KPSQ lp in Fayettville Arkansas. Radio Survivor’s Jennifer Waits attended the GRC and she reports back for us with her own observations as well as with the voices of the people she met there at this year’s host station, KUHS in Hot Springs Arkansas.

Also on this episode: Paul has news on Ireland’s last long wave station, which just got a stay of execution, stopping a planned 2017 shutdown.

Big thanks go to our Patreon supporters who have helped fund Jennifer Waits’s trip to GRC 2016. Support from listeners like you help us produce the program and share stories of community and college radio that would otherwise go unreported. Please consider making your contribution today at Every single dollar counts.

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