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Podcast #67 – New Community Radio in Borneo

Jim Ellinger of Austin Airwaves joins us on the program to share a preview of his talk “Community Radio, A Global View,” which he is giving at this year’s Grass Roots Radio Conference. Jim is recently back from the highlands of Borneo, where he helped with the launch of a new community radio station that broadcasts entirely in the indigenous Kelabit language.

The top of this episode features the following news updates:

Audience Engine, discussed way back on episode #10 of our podcast, is now reportedly scheduled to be released in early 2017.

Low Power FM station, The Portland Radio Project had been sharing half of their broadcast day with another station for the past 17 months. Paul Riismandel likes this sort of time sharing among LPFMs because he says it can turn competitors into collaborators. Last month, The Portland Radio Project began broadcasting a full 24 hour day for the first time on the FM dial after their partners chose to release their portion of the time share. Paul sees this as another reason to celebrate LPFM in the U.S.A.

At the conclusion of the show, Eric and Paul discuss their ideas for how people should approach producing their first podcasts. Short version, keep your podcast simple; while it is tempting to think big, it’s always easier to sit down in front of microphones and record a conversation with one person you find interesting. Also, when you think about your theoretical audience for your new podcast, it might be better to be more specific than “hopefully everyone,” because it will make it easier to focus on creating a show that matters to specific people.

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Show Notes

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