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Hello KMEC, Low Power FM for Mendocino!

We were having a little family vacation up in Ukiah this week and ran into KMEC-FM, Low Power FM service for Mendocino county. I’m never going to match the radio station visitation record of Jennifer Waits, but I thought I’d take a few photos and post them here.

KMEC 105.1 FM

KMEC is part of the Mendocino Environmental Center. The station been around since 2002.  MEC happily managed to snag a LPFM license from the Federal Communications Commission back when they were comparatively more difficult to come by.

The Center’s Mission reads as follows:

“The Mendocino Environmental Center (MEC) works through educational outreach, nonviolent direct action and the legal system to uphold and promote environmental and social justice in Mendocino County and beyond. The MEC is a resource center, which offers support to grass roots community groups and empowers individuals to work for positive change. The MEC networks with a politically and socially diverse community, encouraging integrity, tolerance, non violence and a sustainable future.”

MEC staffer Jeff Taylor kindly let me into the Center to check out the digs. As we looked around, KMEC programmer MC Squared was broadcasting live:

KMEC MC Squared

Needless to say, every radio station/community center has to have a nice couch  . . .

KMEC couch

. . . and a piano!

KMEC piano

Jennifer has a lot of nice profiles of and news items about other community/public radio stations in and around the Mendocino area. Enjoy!


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  1. Jennifer Waits September 15, 2016 at 11:40 am #

    Thanks for sharing this great tour and photos, Matthew. I need to get out to see these LPFMs in Mendocino County!

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