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Think Twice Radio is ten years old

Think Twice RadioHappy anniversary number ten to Think Twice Radio, the online talk cornucopia that invites you to think many times, actually. TTR is basically a matrix of interesting people who cogitate out loud about everything from dating to the origins of rock and roll to the BDSM scene in Buffalo, New York. A lot of the participants come from Buffalo, it seems, including its founder Richard Wicka. He wrote to me in response to an interview I did with KPFA in Berkeley, about my new book Radio 2.0: Uploading the First Broadcast Medium.

Wicka started Think Twice in 2006:

“As you said [in the interview] streaming is expensive, so I set it up as download on demand. Over the past 10 years about 75 people have had radio shows on Think Twice Radio covering a huge range of topics. For example, one fellow, Russell Link, is 83 and his show is all about musical theater from the 1920’s and 30’s. Another, Michael Hoffert, does his show about comic books. There is a show for the kink community called BDSM in Buffalo, a sports talk program, a program about the local theater scene, a program for the Zen community called ‘Unraveling Religion’. One of my favorite programs is called ‘Baby I’m Amazed’ in which a very talkative 70 year old, Tom Mazur, simply wants me to sit down with him and listen while he goes on a stream of consciousness.”

Good to know something as purposely thoughtful as TTR is out there. Here’s to many more birthdays . . .





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