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Celebrate National Radio Day this Saturday

Turn on your radio, attend a station event, or take a “radio selfie.” There are so many ways to celebrate National Radio Day this Saturday, August 20.

Observed since the 1990s, legend has it that the date was chosen because on August 20, 1920, WWJ in Detroit (then known as 8MK) first went on the air. Though observance was sporadic, things kicked into high gear in 2011 when NPR brought renewed attention. Today a team of volunteers works with stations, broadcasters, DJs, and radio lovers across the country to promote the holiday to share and promote love for this very delightful and durable medium.

A simple way to celebrate this year is by taking and sharing a “radio selfie.” Just snap a pic of yourself doing your favorite radio activity–listening, DJing, podcasting…whatever–and share it on social media. Be sure to tag your favorite station, and include the tag #NationalRadioDay.

In 2015 National Radio Day was a trending topic on social media, with more than 20,000 tweets hashtagged with #NationalRadioDay. This year we hope to break that record.

Many stations will celebrate with special on-air and live events. Here is just a handful:

It doesn’t matter how you celebrate, as long as you do, and then share!

Here’s some inspiration from our friend Ernesto Aguilar, the new membership program director for the National Federation of Community Broadcasters:

We encourage all #pubmedia #communityradio stations to participate in this year's #NationalRadioDay

A video posted by NFCB (@nfcborg) on

Also, check out coverage from Current and Radio World.

Hope to see your face on Instagram or Twitter! Have a happy National Radio Day!


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