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An amateur radio operator, Yvette Cendes, KB3HTS, at station W8EDU, 2005

Podcast #55 – Not All Radio Amateurs + Podcasting is Still Small

Not all amateur radio enthusiasts are old guys. This is obviously a statement of fact, but it took a listener to the podcast to write in and remind us. Co-host, Eric Klein apologizes for error.

Paul Riismandel attended a local marketing conference as part of his day job and was reminded just how small the world of podcasting still is in 2016. Among the 20 or so people Paul talked to at the conference he estimates that more than half did not listen to podcasts, although many of them had listened to one podcast or another at some point in the past.

Being reminded that the world of podcasting is still so small led Paul to ask for listener feedback on the following questions:

1) What are some of the other podcasts you listen to, especially if these other podcasts are niche?

2) Do your friends and family listen to podcasts?

3) Is there a niche podcast that you wish existed? (Paul’s would be about high end stereo equipment)

email us your answers by clicking here

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Show Notes

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