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show promo on a post-it at high school radio station KBCP. Photo: J. Waits

Happy High School Radio Day Today

Today is the 5th annual High School Radio Day. By last count, 78 high school radio stations from 30 states planned to celebrate the day devoted to the power of student-run radio, high school style. I’ve been lucky to visit a handful of high school radio stations and I’m always in awe of the opportunity to do radio in one’s teen years.

In honor of High School Radio Day, I hope that you will take some time to listen to your local high school radio station. For inspiration, here are tours of the high school radio stations that I have seen during my travels:

Radio Station Field Trip #20 – WGBK-FM at Glenbrook South High School (Glenview, Illinois)

Radio Station Field Trip #62 – WHHS-FM at Haverford High School (Havertown, Pennsylvania) – founded in 1949

Radio Station Field Trip #69 – WLTL-FM at Lyons Township High School (La Grange, Illinois)

Radio Station Field Trip #84 – KBCP at Bellarmine College Preparatory School (San Jose, California)

Radio Station Field Trip #97 – KBPS-AM at Benson Polytechnic High School (Portland, Oregon) – founded in 1923

I’ve also been to a few other radio stations located on high school campuses, including KALW-FM in San Francisco and KCEA-FM in Atherton, California. Both have minimal student involvement.

Do you have a favorite high school radio station? Hear anything interesting today?


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