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Podcast #36 – Why Radio Is Like a 1980s Mall & Podcasters Are the Punk Rockers

We have some follow-up on our coverage of the 20th anniversary of Telecommunications Act of 1996. We share a listener email that challenges our FCC history by pointing out how radio deregulation got its foothold at the commission before Ronald Reagan even took office.

We discuss how radio went from serving audiences to becoming more like mall developers, exchanging formats like so many Sunglass Huts and Orange Julius storefronts.

Finally we get back to podcasting–a topic we’ve neglected for a while–talking about why the punk rock spirit of doing it yourself is still vitally important.

By popular demand we want to turn the Radio Survivor Podcast into a weekly radio program for any non-commercial radio station to broadcast, free of charge. We need your support to do this.

You can support this effort two ways:

Make a monthly contribution through our Patreon campaign.
Make a one-time or recurring donation with any major credit card via PayPal.
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