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Living large with The Lot Radio of Brooklyn

I am sitting at my computer watching what looks like a live deejay broadcasting from a big shipping container somewhere in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint nexus of Brooklyn. The whole operation is sitting in a vacant lot, hence the sobriquet “The Lot Radio.”

A The Lot DeejayFans of the broadcast send appreciations via The Lot’s live chat board, such as this one:

“Falty you should know that video you did for xlr8r like 5 years ago inspired me to make sushi for my current girlfriend the first time she came over my place. Went over great, thanks for that!!

You are most certainly welcome is how I’d respond to that praise.

The Lot describes itself as such:

“An independent online radio station streaming live from a reclaimed shipping container on an empty lot in NYC. Expect a continuous stream of the best and most varied music New York City has to offer. In order to stay independent The Lot Radio is funded by the coffee kiosk that we will soon be opening at the station.”

You can check out The Lot’s previous broadcasts on its Mixcloud page. Here’s the landscape around The Lot Radio’s lot.

The Lot landscape.



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  1. Jennifer Waits March 3, 2016 at 10:39 am #

    Wow. Sorry to have missed this when I was traveling in New York!

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