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LPFM Watch: Construction Permits Issued to Three Religious Groups & More News

Over the past few weeks, the FCC has granted construction permits to three new low power FM (LPFM) radio stations. Those new stations include Freedom Christian Fellowship in Madras, Oregon, Iglesia Cristiana Amor Y Restauracion in Houston, Texas, and Mount Zion Church in Bemidji, Minnesota. Additionally, a number of stations are set to launch in the coming weeks, including WXOX-LP in Louisville, Kentucky (ARTxFM) on February 14 and WELT-LP in Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 16.

WELT-LP Launching from Public Library

WELT-LP (the call letters stand for “We encourage local talent”), in Fort Wayne, Indiana, plans to begin broadcasting over 95.7 FM on February 16. Licensed to the public library, the station’s studio will also be housed at a downtown library in Fort Wayne. According to the News-Sentinel, “The station’s programming will range from music and talk to sports, all produced by more than 40 local volunteers, said Erik Mollberg, station manager.”

Profiling North Carolina’s WHUP-LP

Indy Week wrote an extensive profile of LPFM community radio station WHUP-LP in Hillsborough, North Carolina. According to the piece, “WHUP has become a safe space for a lot of things, actually. The station provides total creative freedom, so, like a college radio station, the programming is all over the map. But its mix of talk and music, with musical emphasis on Americana, seems to represent its community. And despite the open-ended format, it somehow feels curated.”

Additionally, the FCC has issued licenses to cover for the following stations:

Stations issued licenses to cover since January 27, 2016

  • WPCG-LP, Cherokee FM Radio (Canton, GA)
  • WRRQ-LP, Living Free in Christ Church, Inc. (Cocoa, FL)
  • WOOC-LP, Media Alliance (Troy, NY)
  • WGRN-LP, Central Ohio Green Education Fund (Columbus, OH)
  • KCMJ-LP, Colorado Media Justice Foundation (Colorado Springs, OH)
  • KDAK-LP, Dakota Media Access (Bismarck, ND)
  • KOYT-LP, Anza Civic Improvement League (Anza, CA)
  • KYEB-LP, Iglesia Alfa Y Omega (Garland, TX)
  • KCGF-LP, Sunday Morning Glory Radio Inc. (San Angelo, TX)
  • KIOF-LP, Las Vegas Public Radio Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
  • KFDG-LP, Iglesia Cristiana Voz De Salvacion (Las Vegas, NV)
  • WDBA-LP, JCM Radio, Inc. (Farmingdale, NY)
  • WRVU-LP, Iglesia del Rey (Grand Rapids, MI)

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