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LPFM Watch: Seattle’s LPFM Bounty & More News

Seattle has been a hot-bed of low power FM (LPFM) activity, with numerous groups applying for and receiving construction permits for new radio stations. An article in Seattle Weekly last week recounts the progress that these applicants have made towards getting on the air.

The aptly named piece, Starting a Radio Station Is Harder Than It Sounds. But It’s Just as Fun, points out that construction permits are just the first step and that major fundraising efforts are a necessary part of the process. The article explains that of the seven organizations granted permits in Seattle, only one is close to getting on the air:

Hollow Earth is one of seven groups that got construction permits from the FCC to build LPFM stations within Seattle city limits—enough to pave 90 percent of Seattle’s streets with community radio…

But the stations are now at another crucial step. When the FCC grants an LPFM station a spot on the dial, they want it to be used, so when the agency began issuing permits in late 2013, it set the expectation that each applicant would start broadcasting local content for eight hours a day exactly 18 months later. At this point, however, it looks as though just one of Seattle’s LPFMs will meet that deadline: Seattle University’s KXSU.”

A few weeks back, Matthew Lasar wrote about his fascination with the video feature at Milwaukee’s Riverwest Radio. The new LPFM station has only been on the air since New Year’s Day. Dan Hintz reports, “We officially launched at WXRW 104.1 fm Riverwest Radio in Milwaukee on January 1. Great community response and much nice media coverage, very exciting times.”

And, finally, four more LPFM stations are closer to getting on the air after having been issued licenses to cover by the FCC.

Stations issued licenses to cover since January 21, 2016

  • KOII-LP, Weavel Inc. (Flagstaff, AZ)
  • KFTW-LP, Southside Media Collective (Ft. Worth, TX)
  • KSGV-LP, Seagoville Chamber of Commerce (Seagoville, TX)
  • WCXX-LP, 24-7 Broadcasting, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)



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