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Colorado community radio station auctions off Joe Cocker’s Jaguar

KVNF-FM, community radio service for western Colorado and eastern Utah, has auctioned off Joe Cocker’s Jaguar for a little over 25,000 dollars. The happy couple (below) who purchased the item look deservedly pleased with themselves.

The Jaguar in question is a 1995 XJ12, which dwelled at Cocker’s Mad Dog Ranch in Crawford, Colorado. His band gave it to him to improve his personal mobility. Apparently Joe did not know how to drive prior to receiving the car, and depended on public transportation to get around. Even after he learned, he did not use the Jag much. The vehicle only had a bit more than 31,000 miles on it when Cocker died last December and bequeathed the machine to KVNF.

Originally valued at $78k, it went through 55 bids on eBay before being sold for $25,705.


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