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LPFM Watch: A Real WKRP to Hit the Airwaves (but not in Cincinnati)

A holiday weekend made things even slower for LPFM, especially considering that the vast majority of applications have been processed. That means applicants are gathering resources, building stations and going on the air.

One station that received some press this past week is WAYO-LP in Rochester, NY, which recently started broadcasting online and is crowd-funding to build its on-air signal, according to the Democrat & Chronicle. The article features a slideshow highlighting the station’s diverse programming line-up, including African and Caribbean music on “East of the Sun, West of the Moon,” and a show about the business and sustainability of the arts.

In a fun bit of news, a real WKRP is going on the air, only not in Cincinnati, and not on the AM dial, like the station on the classic sitcom. WKRP-LP received its official license, and therefore approval for its call letters, on Nov 30.

The station will serve Raleigh, NC at 101.9 FM, though DJ Johnny Fever and Venus Fly Trap are not currently on the schedule.


Finally, Radio World reports on the dismissal of a LPFM application from Libertad en Cristo in Huntington Station, NY. REC Networks filed an objection against the group’s application because of its association with the infamous Cesar Guel, but then the group’s application failed to become a tentative selectee within its MX group of five stations.

But then Libertad en Cristo filed an amendment to move its transmitter site, which was accepted for filing by the FCC. However, that change was contested, too, by another group, which noted that the proposed site was in a state park, where permission has not be obtained, and that it would be too far away from the group’s headquarters. The Commission therefore dismissed the application.

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