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Podcast #26 – Celebrating Radio Stickers & Turntable Rooms

This week we celebrate some fun little corners of radio. Matthew Lasar explains the history of the rise and fall of “turntable style” music community websites. Then Jennifer Waits shares her passion for radio station stickers, emphasizing a particular style of sticker art.

Finally, Paul and Eric talk about Paul’s recent visit to Vassar College to talk with students and faculty about podcasting.

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2 Responses to Podcast #26 – Celebrating Radio Stickers & Turntable Rooms

  1. robusdin December 4, 2015 at 5:36 am #

    So question to Matthew – are you on DubTrack? It seems to be where the Turntable/Plug community migrated to.

    Also – just want to mention the reason these services fail – I think it’s because it requires active participation. Even if you have it on at work – you are still in a “room” with chat and you will need to engage every so often at least.

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