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Classical music moving to Sundays on KUSP-FM in Santa Cruz

KUSPPublic/community signal KUSP-FM in Santa Cruz, California is well into its transition into a “Triple A” Adult Album Alternative station (the Santa Cruz Sentinel adds the word “acoustic” to the mix). As a classical radio show groupie I’ve been trying to find out what’s going to happen to the station’s evening classical programs. Checking in with the operation’s interim manager Lee Ferraro, I received this reply:

“Classical music on KUSP is moving to Sunday mornings (7am to 10am) and Sunday evening (7pm to 9pm).”

Not surprisingly, the changes have been accompanied by varying degrees of skepticism. Here’s an excerpt from a resignation statement from Nicholas Mitchell, co-host of KUSP evening show Musica della Serra:

“I feel I cannot at this time be a part of the station. I’m frankly bewildered by the choice to put in place a 15-hour weekday programming block identified as ‘Eclectic Mix’ that does not draw from KUSP’s priceless music collection, and is hosted by just a few very overworked staff members, without drawing on volunteer DJs from the community, playing music from a very narrow scope.”

Speaking personally, I’ve been listening the KUSP daytime sound and, at the risk of excommunication from some quarters, have to say that I’ve enjoyed it. But the new schedule is quite a change and obviously a work-in-progress. I’ll check on the Sunday content when it happens, which I’m told is “probably December 15th.”


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