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Documentary celebrates “way way outermost” radio on Cape Cod

Yet another entertaining documentary about a great community radio station. Outermost Radio saw its world premiere in April and hit the St. Louis film festival on Friday. It’s about WOMR-FM in Provincetown, Massachusetts, which broadcasts to all of Cape Cod.

“Outermost Radio really reflects the feeling that people who live out at this end of the cape are really outermost. You’re really way way out,” notes one programmer in the doc. “We reserve the right to be offensive,” declares another. “We don’t feel restricted by the norms of the mainland,” proclaims a third.

The weather norms of the ocean still apply, however. “We need to raise $40,000 for our new antenna,” a WOMR denizen declares at a fundraiser. “That’s the reason we have not been on air; mother nature blew us down. Talk about blowing somebody!”

Outermost is great fun. BTW: one of our readers sang WOMR’s praises in a recent essay I posted on community based classical radio. WOMR “airs classical music programmed by local volunteer DJs every Monday and Tuesday 1-4pm,” the comment noted. “They also air a syndicated opera show on Saturdays 2-6pm. The rest of the schedule is a mix of roots music, folk, jazz, locally-produced public affairs, the Democracy Now feed, underground rock, etc.”



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