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LPFM Watch: First New LPFM Authorized in 7 Weeks

The first LPFM construction permit issued in seven weeks was awarded to Centro de Vida, Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL. This applicant had been in a two-party MX group competing for 98.3 FM. Centro de Vida was able to affect a change in transmitter site sufficient to move its signal out of the same area as the other applicant in the group, clearing the way to become a “singleton” applicant, and therefore eligible for the CP.

At this point the future much of the awarding of construction permits will hang on the ability for MX groups of competing applicants to be resolved, often by means of finding ways to move transmitter sites or reaching timeshare agreements.

In other news, the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan has a nice story about low-power station KDKO-LP in Lake Andes, SD, which is a project of the Native American Community Board. The station recently provided the first-ever live coverage of the annual Yankton Sioux Tribe inauguration, and covers issues of importance to the local Native American community, like the Keystone XL pipeline.


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