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The Radio Conference heads to Utrecht in 2016

From July 5 to July 8, 2016 radio researchers and practitioners will gather in Utrecht, Netherlands for the next Radio Conference in a series of Transnational Radio Forums. This year’s conference has a special focus on the transnational nature of these meetings and the organizers have invited participants to emphasize the ways in which research crosses national borders.

A  number of themes have been highlighted in order to spark ideas for possible paper topics. These include: the relationship between radio and transnational public spheres; transnational perspectives on radio aesthetics; and questions about new forms of digital radio and archives.

Papers may focus on a number of issues and questions related to these themes. A few more specific areas suggested by the conference programming committee include: trans-border radio reception; public service media in a transnational context; new methods for transmitting across borders; transnational aspects of community radio; and teaching radio studies in transnational communities. Participants are also welcome to propose paper topics that combine individual and national perspectives, as well as papers that explore contemporary issues in radio research.

Proposals for individual papers should be 250 words in length and proposals for per-constituted panels should include a 200-word abstract that presents the panel topic, as well as the 250-word abstract of the individual paper presentations. A limited number of listening sessions will also be organized for this year’s conference. These panels should be devoted to presenting either complete or excerpted broadcasts or radio experiments which will then instigate discussion and conversation.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, November 15, 2012 and they can be sent electronically to More information and conference updates can be found at

This year’s conference will be hosted by the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at Utrecht University in collaboration with Transnational Radio Encounters and the MeCCSA Radio Studies Network. Previous Radio Conferences have been hosted in Luton (2013), Auckland (2011), and Toronto (2009).

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