Top Menu is shutting down

I was very sorry to see the following announcement posted in my room today: shutdown notice.

“Thank you for joining our party and plugging in with us,” the statement says. “Unfortunately, we did not reach the amount needed to keep online any longer.”’s latest blog post doesn’t offer much more information.

I don’t have time today to compile an analysis of why this happened, but needless to say it is not good news. When last I checked in with the fundraiser, it was almost half way to its goal, but apparently that wasn’t sufficient to keep the operation going.

Your thoughts on the cause of this loss in our comment section would be welcome.


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  1. Rob Usdin September 29, 2015 at 2:19 pm #

    Same story as, different people. It’s simple – the business model is flawed and it is hard to convert casual listeners to paying subscribers. I was on both TT and Plug and they require more effort to be part of a room in any meaningful way, and since music listening is by and large passive they didn’t have the subscription numbers to support themselves.

    There are two alternatives already running. Most Plug folks have headed to I think it has bee up for a few weeks. has been up for at last six months.

    Two others have also been announced but seem dubious. They are turn.di and spinit (both have Facebook pages but domains not up yet). So we shall see what happens….

    I’m in Dubtrack in the Tasty Tunes room which is a direct port over from Plug and was a port over from Turntable.

  2. Son O'Beaches October 4, 2015 at 12:20 pm #

    Sites shut down after the skimming ceases.

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