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Bob thegirl’s tips for community radio fund drives

I’m enjoying Bob thegirl’s YouTube video on how to pitch to your audience during a community radio fund drive. I don’t want to give away the presentation (below), but Bob’s first three tips for pitchers include:

1. You have to talk about why your show is important on a personal level.

2. What will listener contributions actually pay for? Rent, microphones? How does the money help? Spell it out for the listeners.

3. Practice explaining why the station’s needs are valid in your own personal voice.

Initially watching the video, I couldn’t figure out exactly where in the world Bob thegirl is situated, but she appears to be one of three hosts for the Queer Sounds show on community station KYRS-FM in Spokane, Washington.

Anyway, during the talk her dog gets quite excited, and that’s fun too. This is a good presentation for first time on-air fundraisers, and a nice refresher course for everyone else.


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