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Radio Survivor Podcast #12: Our Quarterly Report

With this episode we have officially been producing the show for one calendar quarter. Since this is such a new endeavor, we thought it would be useful to reflect on how the show is going, looking at the possibility of turning Radio Survivor into a syndicated radio show, and examining how well we’re getting at some of our foundational questions, like “what is good radio?” We also remember radio journalist and producer Kellia Ramares-Watson, who passed away on August 18.

In College Radio Watch Jennifer Waits tells us about the college radio experience of one member of indie rock band Vampire Weekend, and about a contest for college students to make a commercial to promote the NextRadio app. Finally, in Lasar’s Letter on Radio, Matthew explores alternatives to those predictable “top 100” classical composition polls that show up on classical radio websites over the holidays.

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Show Notes:

  • Kellia Ramares-Watson July 31st, 1955 ~ August 18th, 2015
  • The Pub, Episode 7: Diane Rehm and the true meaning of objectivity; why Jesse Thorn is ending his unpaid internships
  • College Radio Watch: NextRadio Contest, Vampire Weekend Member’s College Radio Memories and More News
  • Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio Gives Music Advice to College Students: Learn to Record
  • WBAR at Barnard College
  • Spinning Indie Radio Station Field Trip 13 – WBAR at Barnard College
  • NextRadio® and CBI Launch Radio Spot Contest
  • NextRadio commercial contest information
  • CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention
  • So when is *your* radio station going to perform Erik Satie’s Vexations?
  • Top 100 composer lists: and the point is . . . ?
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    1. Chris August 25, 2015 at 8:42 am #

      Might want to double-check the math… There are still 13 weeks to a quarter. 🙂

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