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Boom box man Os Gemeos

Meet the trompe l’oeil boom box man of the East Village

Strolling along my old stomping grounds in the East Village of Manhattan last week I ran into this marvelous new mural, painted on the corner of Second Avenue and First Street.

Boom Box man

This boom box man masterpiece went up earlier this month, it seems, painted by the Brazilian muralist brothers Os Gemeos. I particularly love the trompe l’oeil effect of the upper hand and knee popping out of the canvas colored wall. Trompe paintings make objects seem to jump at you.

The figure’s hat is also a train:

Boom box man hat

And his sneaker and boom box are interlaced with urban faces:

Boom box faces

Looks like this mural will be visible until a residential tower goes up and obscures its view. So if you live nearby or are visiting, get over there and enjoy it while you can.

Here’s a YouTube about the artists.


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