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Watch your low power FM too at WXRW of Milwaukee

Doh! I missed a station in my overview of recent Low Power FM activity in Wisconsin. Radio Survivor reader Daniel Hintz writes to us:

“Great article.

Saw no mention of the great station I currently DJ at, though: WXRW in Milwaukee, Riverwest Radio. We have our LPFM license in hand and we will soon be broadcasting over the air at 104.1 on the fm dial. We are currently streaming our programs online at our website ( while we raise the remaining needed funds for our transmitter. We are extremely excited to be transitioning from online station to terrestrial station, and the love we have received so far from the Riverwest neighborhood has been incredible.”

One of the coolest things about Riverwest Radio is that you can actually watch the live broadcast or earlier broadcasts. For example, you can check out an interview with a musician during the Brew City Chatterbox Hour:

Here’s some more music during Ingrid’s Inspirational Hour:

And here’s a call in show on the Bucks arena controversy:

There are 213 WXRW broadcasts uploaded so far! Here is to many more . . .


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