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Coastal Washington community network will celebrate national radio and lemonade days

Coast Community RadioCoast Community Radio of Washington State has issued an invitation to its listeners:

“Celebrate National Radio Day with us on Thursday August 20 from 11-3! But wait, it’s also National Lemonade Day and you know here at Coast Community Radio we love to bring two good things together and make one great thing!  So join us at the station (14th and exchange)  for a dose of radio and a tall glass of lemonade.”

CCR, aka The Tillicum Foundation, runs KMUN 91.9 FM (Astoria), KTCB 89.5 FM (Tillamook) and KCPB 90.9 FM (Warrenton)—basically public/community radio for southwest Washington and northwest Oregon.

It should be noted that August 20 is also National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day and August is National Romance Awareness Month. So you could conceivably fulfill the spirit of all four of these calendar events on Thursday by listening to some romantic tune on your favorite radio station while enjoying a slice of chocolate pecan pie and washing it down with lemonade.

Speaking personally, I am also looking forward to National Toasted Marshmallow Day on the 30th.

H/T Coast Weekend.



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