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LPFM News: First New Construction Permits of July Issued

The first low-power FM construction permits of the month were issued in the last week–three of them, to be precise. Two are in Florida, and one in California. That brings the grand total to 1,871 LPFM applications approved from the 2013 licensing window.

One grantee had its request to cancel its construction permit finalized by the FCC this week. Due to “organizational changes” the Evangel Cahtderal of Spartanburg, SC said that it will not be building its station, originally planned for 104.5 FM.

With so many new community radio stations going on the air, it’s tough to keep up with all the local press coverage. However, recently there have been a few notable pieces about new stations going on the air:

  • For Free Press, communications professor Christina Dunbar-Hester and New York Media Alliance president Steve Pierce write, “A Low Power FM Station in New York Will Soon Join Hundreds Springing Up Across the Nation.” They conclude, “On its 15th anniversary, LPFM is a success story. While consolidated, corporate radio still dominates the landscape, WOOC and others will deliver programming centered on local news, local public affairs, local music, local culture and just plain fun.”

  • Pacifica Network Affiliates Coordinator Ursula Ruedenberg writes, “New Pacifica Affiliate WLPP Brings Low Power to the People.” According to Ruedenberg, “The station’s call letters define its intent: Low Power to the People, and the station’s website asks listeners to ‘help us to achieve the kind of radio station that America’s First Artists’ Colony needs and deserves!’”

  • In Radio World, Mike Starling contributes the third installment of a series charting the building and launch of his Cambridge, MD station: “Ready for Liftoff: WHCP Hits the Airwaves.” He writes, “Thanks to an active board, dozens of volunteers, donations, good luck and modern technology you can check us out at 101.5 FM on the way to the beach or via online streaming come July 4.”

  • Louisville (KY) Business First reports, “Community radio station ARTxFM prepares for fall launch on the FM dial.” Station GM Sharon Scott tells reporter Rachel Aretakis, “Our mission is to serve the Louisville community and artists worldwide.”


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