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LPFM Watch: The Six Segments of LPFM + More Community Radio in Seattle

I just noticed a great piece on REC Networks, “The Six Segments of LPFM,” which outlines the wide array of groups that hold licenses for low power FM (LFPM) radio stations. As we’ve been following the growth of LPFM, particularly after the 2013 application window, I have been interested to learn more about stations in each of the categories that REC mentions.

According to REC, “The question is always raised, why is there no single organization that represents LPFM…This is mainly because no group, not even REC, Prometheus Radio Project or Common Frequency as well as national organizations like the NRB or the Catholic Radio Association can fully represent all sectors of the LPFM service.” REC explains that “the diversity of organization types that use the LPFM service is vast,” and outlines six different segments:

1. Community Radio (typically run by a board, with many community volunteers)

2. Government/Public Safety (including public access stations, traveler information, weather, etc.)

3. Micro Broadcast (often music-oriented and spearheaded by an individual)

4. Cause-based (mostly existing non-profits)

5. Faith-based Organizations (a big segment, largely made up of Christian groups)

6. Secular Educational (for example, high school and college radio)

It’s quite helpful to read about all of the different segments of LPFM. See the REC Networks site to get more details about each of the six categories.

Two Construction Permits Granted this Week

After a slow couple of weeks, a few more construction permits were granted for new low power FM (LPFM) radio stations. This week’s grantees include Eucharistic Society, Inc. (Laredo, Texas), which plans to air a Catholic Talk format and Fulcrum Community Communications (Seattle, Washington), which will run a community radio station in North Seattle. Laredo Educational Radio, Inc. (Laredo, Texas) had its application dismissed.

Fulcrum Community Communications has quite an eclectic schedule of proposed programming for its 107.3 FM channel in North Seattle. According to paperwork filed with its FCC application, the station plans to air talk shows for different cultural groups, including programming in Scandinavian, African, Asian, Spanish and French languages. Additionally, the group has already done outreach to local schools and arts organizations (including School of Rock and Seattle Teen Music) and hopes to “eventually originate programming at a number of local schools, and upload finished pieces directly to [its] programming server as a kind of ‘crowd sourcing.'”

Horizon Christian Fellowship’s License Cancelled for KHHS-LP

A few weeks back, Horizon Christian Fellowship of San Diego, California, had its low power FM license for KHHS-LP cancelled. A June 19 letter sent by Horizon Christian Fellowship’s attorney requests cancellation of the license. The letter states, “The station has been silent pursuant to FCC Special Temporary Authority since June 25, 2014 and will not return to on-air operation before the 12-month off air deadline.”

Back in November, 2013, Christopher Carmichael files an informal objection against KHHS-LP’s application to move frequencies. Carmichael writes, “KHHS-LP has applied to make a minor change from 107.5 FM to 103.3 FM. The LPFM has not been on air, nor has indicated they would ever be on air. In the spirit of LPFM, the commission wanted to make community stations and HORIZON CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP has not done this. Additionally, during this LPFM filing period, it could block potential license for LPFMs in the San Diego area for 103.3 FM; and is second adjacent to full-power KEGY at 103.7 FM.”

Syracuse Community Radio Divests Full Power License to go LPFM

Syracuse Community Radio just filed paperwork in order to assign its WXXE 90.5 FM license in Fenner, New York to the State University of New York. The sale price is $7,500 and SUNY’s NPR-affiliated station WRVO plans to utilize the frequency. Syracuse Community Radio holds a construction permit for new LPFM station in the area and must divest the WXXE license. It’s hoped that this will lead to a better signal in the area.

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